Cherchez La Femme

Based on a French comedy by Robert Thomas – with synchronous translation in English

April 23, 27, May 14, 18, 2017

The play takes place in Paris, within the notary public offices of Mètre Roche, where Alice Postic, a bubbly and talkative secretary, works at the front desk. One evening, after everyone has left, she discovers Roche’s body with a knife in his back. She calls the police, but is so nervous that she loses consciousness immediately after. When officer Maximin arrives, the body is nowhere to be found. The case is then taken up by Inspector Grandin, nicknamed “Iron Head”, in whom Alice recognizes an old childhood friend.

Аlice Postic – Alexandra Anoshina
Inspector Granden – Oleg Lobassov
Мaitre (Мaster) Rocher – Anrew Ahachinsky
Officer Maximin – Fabian Ortiz
Suzanne Brissard, Secretary – Kate Kanariov
Virginie Renoir, Typist – Angela Drugoveiko
Robert de Charance, Accountant – Alexander Puga
Clara Rocher – Violetta Kryak
Dancers – Natalie Shalagina, Victoria Kazantseva, Liza Khudyakova

Director – Oleg Palme

Choreography – Elizabeth Vinkovska, Tamara Cheliubeeva
Music - Joseph Peters
Music assistant – Matvei Dykman
Lights – Egor Revenko,Stepan Kryak
Costumes – Maria Flyn, Iana Khoudak
Hair and make-up – Margarita Smolyakova, Iana Khoudak
Set Design – Lilia Kamneva, Vladimir Aniks
Poster – Lev Popok
Director’s assistant – Angela Drugoveiko, Konstantin Sandovich
Technical staff – Maksim Duman, Philipp Dykman
English Translation – Iana Khoudak, Maria Sokolova, Eugene Grabovy

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